Ceramic Watches Are All the Rage

Last week we posted an educational piece about what engineered ceramic is, its properties and features, and how it is being utilized in the watch world. Again, we want to reiterate that not all engineered ceramic for timepieces is created equal, and some brands that conduct a great deal of R&D into the field actually possess proprietary types of high-tech ceramic.

That said, we are proud to carry a good number of watches in our store that utilize high-tech ceramic for cases, bracelets or bezels. This is a very popular material these days. First borrowed from the aeronautic and aviation worlds, it has made its presence well known on the wrist thanks to its great durability, scratch resistance, ultra light weight and bold look.

Depending on the watch brand, ceramic can be utilized as an accent material on bezels, as a bracelet (sometimes intermingled with steel or titanium links), or as a case. While black was always the most prevalent color in ceramic, today, white ceramic and even a few colors — such as blue, red and yellow — make their appearance on the market. We invite you in to take a close look at our ceramic watches.