Hermes Redefines Elegance

Today’s top designer brands are refining their signature looks with sleeker silhouettes and alluring colors via slight refinements that add updated appeal. Such is the case with the newest watches from Hermes, which are offered in sleeker silhouettes and in a host of alluring fashion-forward colors.

The Cape Cod line — a pillar of the brand’s watch collections for nearly 25 years — is being slightly redesigned this year, while preserving its distinctive look. Certain Cape Cod watches are also now being offered with newly developed Silver cases. Indeed, the new silver alloy, which is 97 percent silver, is designed to hold the radiance of the metal longer than conventional 925 silver.

The alloy has been created exclusively for Hermes and represents the brand’s efforts to renew its ties with precious metals. It will be used for the Nantucket and Tonneau pieces. New versions include opaline silvered dials that complement the 97 percent silver cases. Additionally, interchangeable straps are now coming into play for all of the Tonneau and Nantucket Silver pieces. Straps are being offered in stunning hues of Malta blue, raspberry, orange, taupe and natural.