Holiday Shoppers Please Be Aware of Online Selling Fraud

With Black Friday just 9 days away, we wanted to offer our readers a public service message — and call your attention to online selling fraud.

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It is estimated that counterfeiters will produce billions of dollars in fake products globally this year. According to (a consumer protection website), a majority of online shoppers will buy products without knowing if they are authentic or even if the dealer is authorized to sell that product – whether it is shoes, designer sneakers, headphones, perfume and even watches and jewelry. Counterfeit products are often listed as "100% Genuine" and often these counterfeit gift purchases go undetected until after the holidays when the product fails or is returned, or until much later when the product needs repair.

Recently, counterfeit products — including Bose headphones, Gillette Mach 3 Razor blades, Otterbox Defender Cell phone cases and Coco fragrances — were sold on line. Unlike authorized retailers, counterfeit sellers typically don’t honor returns or dispute return dates — leaving the consumer with no recourse.

The Counterfeit Report offers six self-protecting tips for buyers:

• Avoid online purchases from unauthorized sellers.

• Buy online from authorized retailers with clear return policies or directly from the manufacturer.

• Always buy with a credit card, not with bank withdrawals or wire transfers.

• When in doubt about a product, do a close comparison with an authentic product at an authorized retailer.

• Always retain the product. It is your only proof of receiving a counterfeit.

• If you find you have counterfeit product, notify your credit card company that you have kept the counterfeit product and are disputing the charge.

Of course, when it comes to buying watches, the above holds true. Counterfeit watches are all over the Internet. We are authorized dealers of all of the watch brands we carry.

Buying from an authorized retailer of a watch brand ensures:

• Full manufacturer warranty coverage of the product.

• Guarantees that the product is authentic – direct from the brand.

• Knowledgeable service.

• Continued after-sales assistance for exchanges.

• Returns accepted as per store policies.

• Peace of mind.