Paving the Way for High-Tech Women's Watches

In the past decade there has been an incredible surge of interest in women’s watches. This trend has been spurred by the fact that today’s successful woman wants a watch equal in stature (technically and aesthetically) to a man’s watch, and by the fact that, finally, top-notch fine watch brands are getting the message and complying.

While women’s watches have always played an important role in history, they somehow took a back seat to men’s watches over the years. That may be because approximately 98 percent of watch collectors in America are men. It may also be because many watch brands were offering simply nice watches for women without recognizing that they like functions and mechanics, too.

Fashion watch brands of the world changed the way women look at watches. These brands offered large, oversized, cool looking timepieces that women could wear as true fashion statements. These brands seized the opportunity to incorporate chronographs and other simple functions into women’s watches. Then, the high-end designer brands started putting high-tech mechanical movements into watches for women – and they sold.

While many watch brands were making women’s watches, they started to take note of the fact that women like mechanics and function, as well. Today top watch brands are offering women’s watches with automatic movements, mechanical movements and complications. Among the more coveted complications for women: moonphase indicators (a somewhat romantic and aesthetically pleasing complexity), dual timers, calendars and chronographs.

We expect to be bringing more women’s watches to the forefront throughout the year as the newest releases come to light at the upcoming international watch shows, so please stop in and see our assortment.