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Lada Gaga Reveals Secret Detail of Her Heart-Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring

Newly betrothed Lady Gaga revealed a secret design detail of her new heart-shaped diamond engagement ring — a sweet and sentimental element she calls “my favorite part" of the ring. That's saying a lot because the 8-carat center stone is magnificent.

When Gaga surprised her 5.7 million Instagram followers with the announcement of her Valentine’s Day engagement to actor Taylor Kinney, the photo accompanying the post was a view from the top, offering a detailed image of the heart-shaped diamond. The image also offered a glimpse of a thin diamond pavé band.

A couple days later, she posted a second photo, this time showing the beautifully crafted underside of the ring and a surprising detail.

Instead of adding an inscription, fiancé Kinney and celebrity jeweler Lorraine Schwartz collaborated on a neat enhancement to the band — “T [heart] S” spelled out in pavé diamonds. “S” is for Stefani, Gaga’s birth name.

Here’s how Gaga captioned her Instagram photo: “My favorite part of my engagement ring, Taylor and Lorraine designed “T [heart] S” in white diamonds on the band. He always called me by my birth name. Since our very first date. I'm such a happy bride-to-be! I can't stop smiling!!”

We think there’s good reason to believe that many future brides and grooms will be asking jewelers to add a similar detail to their engagement rings. More than 384,000 of Gaga's followers on Instagram liked the “T [heart] S” photo.

Although she would not divulge the actual cost of the ring, Schwartz told that the center stone is actually more expensive than some of the estimates she had read. That would put the price in excess of a half million dollars.

Jewelry expert Shari Fabrikant of Robert Fabrikant Inc. had told that the heart-shaped center stone appeared to be about 8 carats in size. “The setting is simple with a few round diamonds down the side,” she noted. “If the stone is an E color and VS1, it would run close to $500,000.”

Zaven Ghanimian, CEO of Simon G. Jewelry, had told E! News that he was confident the stone weighs in at about 6 carats. "I would estimate at least SI1 clarity or better, G color or better," he said. "For a stone of this size and quality, the price could be up to $400,000."

Images: Instagram/LadyGaga

Drone Delivers Engagement Ring to Couple on Ipswich Beach While Capturing Spectacular Aerial Footage

Strolling hand-in-hand on scenic Crane Beach in Ipswich, Mass., Andrew and Sophie noticed a curious drone flying along the shore and heading in their direction. Hanging off the drone was a black bag containing a very special cargo, which Sophie would soon learn was a diamond engagement ring.

Andrew had conspired with a New England company specializing in aerial drone videography to assist him with an unforgettable, high-flying, surprise marriage proposal.

Not only was the drone making the ring delivery in a most unusual way, but also was capturing the momentous event in crystal clear 1080p high definition — from an amazing vantage point.

The company, Above Summit of Somerville, Mass., posted a video that combines footage generated by the drone-mounted cameras and others on the ground. The result is a masterful presentation that, in the arena of awesome marriage proposals, raises the bar for creativity and sheer beauty.

In the video, we see the drone slowly descending on the couple, and then hovering just above Andrew, who reaches up to remove the bag.

Now, with his grandmother’s heirloom engagement ring in hand, he proposes to Sophie, who says, “Yes.” The couple kisses and embraces.

Then, much like the final scene of a Hollywood romance film, the drone’s camera locks onto the couple as it takes off into the distance, creating an epic end shot.

Drones, which are sometimes called unmanned aerial vehicles, typically have multiple rotors and can fly safely within 10 feet of the subject matter, according to a Q&A published by Above Summit.

The units are flown by remote control and often have two operators — one flying the drone and the other controlling the camera. They are allowed to fly in “unregulated” airspace, generally staying under 400 feet in altitude and away from airports and other aerial activity.

Check out the beautifully shot video of the Ipswich marriage proposal below…

Ebola Nurse’s Engagement Ring Incinerated by Overzealous Cleanup Crew

The cleanup crew tasked with removing any trace of the Ebola virus from the home of infected nurse Amber Vinson might have been a bit overzealous when they incinerated many of her possessions, including her beautiful new engagement ring.

Showcasing a round center diamond in a cushion-shaped halo setting and accented by a double micro pavé diamond band, the ring was very similar in design to one shown below.

Infectious disease expert William Schaffner from Vanderbilt University School of Medicine told ABC News that burning the Ebola patient's engagement ring was unnecessary and "totally overboard." Schaffner said the engagement ring could have been easily disinfected.

"It sends the wrong public health message," he told ABC News, "as though the engagement ring could be vehicle for the Ebola virus."

Vinson was released recently from Atlanta's Emory University Hospital, where she was treated for the virus she contracted while tending the first U.S. Ebola patient, Thomas Eric Duncan, in Texas. She told CNN’s Don Lemon that she was shocked to learn many of her possessions were burned soon after she started treatment on October 14. The cleanup crew had been hired by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality and is apparently not liable for replacing the destroyed jewelry.

"Your house was sterilized? They burned a lot of your things? They incinerated your engagement ring?" Lemon asked the newly engaged 29-year-old on CNN Tonight.

"Yes. I was crushed,” she said. “It's a thing, but it has sentimental value to me." Also burned was a binder that included all of Vinson’s wedding plans.

The upbeat Texas nurse remained positive about her future even though many of her possessions are gone.

"We've got to rebuild," she told CNN.

If you’re wondering if it’s even possible to burn an engagement ring, the answer is, “Yes.” Commercial incinerators burn at a temperature of 1,400 to 2,200 degrees Fahrenheit. Gold will melt at 1,948 degrees Fahrenheit and diamonds can burn or oxidize at 1,472 degrees Fahrenheit, according to the Merck index, a definitive reference guide used by scientists. Diamonds do have a melting point of 6,432 degrees Fahrenheit, but attaining that temperature is only possible in a vacuum.

Images: screen captures; Facebook/HelpAmberVinson