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The Kings’ Bling: Showy Shield-Shaped 2014 Stanley Cup Rings Sparkle With 136 Diamonds

Marking their second Stanley Cup title in three years, the Los Angeles Kings clearly took their championship rings to the next level with a larger-than-life design featuring 136 round diamonds, 32 more than in 2012. Pavé-set black spinel replaces black enamel in the representation of the Kings' shield logo.

The shield-shaped 2014 Stanley Cup rings are larger and much flashier than the 2012 version, measuring a gaudy 32mm wide. The shield is broader than a single finger and actually overlaps the middle finger and pinky.

Whereas the 2012 design featured a diamond-outlined Stanley Cup and small Kings’ logo in the middle set against a ground of black enamel, the 2014 rings feature a much larger, more dazzling diamond-encrusted LA Kings’ logo against a ground of pavé-set black spinel. The shield-shaped logo is rimmed with two rows of accent diamonds and one row of black spinel.

The new bling was presented to the team and its management during a private dinner ceremony in Los Angeles last week.

Before the team had officially revealed the number of diamonds in the new design, a writer for Yahoo Sports joked, “No word on how many diamonds this second L.A. Kings championship ring has, although initial estimates are somewhere around ‘all of them.’”

The 2014 ring also features new imagery of the Stanley Cup being hoisted overhead and decorative filigree artwork.

The face of the ring is shaped like the L.A. Kings' shield. On the bezels above and below the shield in black enamel is the phrase, “STANLEY CUP CHAMPIONS."

On the left shank of the ring is the player’s last name, LA KINGS, jersey number and the beaming lights of the Staple Center, where the team plays its home games.

The opposite shank shows the year 2014, a rendering of the Stanley Cup and the team’s 16-10 record in the playoffs.

The inside of the ring is engraved with a list of the series records for the Kings’ memorable run to the Stanley Cup, including 4-3 wins over San Jose, Anaheim, Chicago and a 3-1 series win over New York in the finals.

Players also got their choice of a custom inscription on the thin part of the band that's closest to the palm and normally out of view. Some players had their Facebook hashtags immortalized on the rings.

The team got to raise their 2013-2014 championship banner to the rafters of the Staples Center during an emotional presentation before their home opener last week.

Both the 2012 and 2014 Stanley Cup rings were designed and created by Tiffany & Co. The retailer offers a sterling silver commemorative version to the public.

Photos: LA Kings, NBCSN (screen capture), Twitter.

Attention Grey's Anatomy Fans: TAG Heuer Doesn't Want You to Crack Under Pressure

TAG Heuer is watch brand dedicated to individualism, sports, precision excellence and innovation. As such, it developed its very intriguing campaign, “Don’t Crack Under Pressure,” wherein many of its brand ambassadors are captured in their sports element always forging ahead.

So, what does this have to do with Grey’s Anatomy, you ask? One of the newest partnerships TAG Heuer has developed is with the dreamy Patrick Dempsey, who stars opposite “Meredith Grey” in the popular television show. However, Dempsey is not only a Hollywood actor, but also is an avid international automobile racer and owner of the Dempsey Racing Team, which has signed a long-term partnership with TAG Heuer.

Two weeks ago when Dempsey Racing did not win at the Circuit of Americas, Dempsey didn’t crack under the pressure. Instead he has set his sites on the next race. So, what watch does he wear? The famed TAG Heuer Monaco Automatic chronograph.

Others brand ambassadors who didn’t succumb to the pressure recently? Tennis legend Maria Sharapova, who won the 2014 China Open in Beijing this past weekend. She wears the diamond-adorned white Monaco watch. Also this weekend Kei Nishikori won the 2014 Tokyo Open as he stayed focused on his goal to bring home the trophy. His watch of choice? The TAG Heuer Aquaracer Caliber 5 automatic watch. None of these stars cracked under pressure. But we invite you to view the video below about this TAG Heuer campaign. Also, we are proud to carry many variations of these star-selected watches. So stop in and take a close up look.

Movado Teams Up With Parlee Cycles For Cool New Watch

Movado — a brand long known for its legendary Museum Dial watch — has been delving into partnerships lately that yield a new visibility for the brand and demonstrate its very active, trendy side. Recently, the brand joined forces with Parlee™ Cycles, which custom builds ultra-lightweight, super-rugged performance racing bikes via a combination of a tubular framework, special molding techniques and performance materials.

For the creation of the new high-tech Movado Parlee Chronograph, Movado actually uses the same materials used in the bike frame construction: ultra-lightweight unidirectional carbon fiber. The ergonomic design of the watch is as aerodynamic as the bikes, yielding an ultra-strong sports performance automatic chronograph watch that can go the distance. The black dials offer accents colors in green, orange, blue or white. Additionally, to underscore this adventure, Movado supports the World Bicycle Relief. This venture raises the brand's profile and brings a new dimension to its sport watches. We carry a host of different Movado styles, so stop in and take a look.