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Meet the Rolex 'Pepsi'

There’s no denying that Rolex has a worldwide following. That may be because the brand does a lot of things right when it comes to building timepieces. From research and development to high-tech materials and paying strict attention to detail, Rolex regularly comes out on top.

This year, the brand released several important new watches that are in stores now. Among them are the Rolex Oyster Perpetual GMT Master II watch. A world’s first, this timepiece features a Cerachrom bezel created in blue and red. It has been nicknamed — for obvious reasons — Pepsi. Interestingly enough, the moniker has roots in the original Rolex pieces made in the 1950s for Pan Am that had red and black aluminum inserts, and was dubbed Pepsi, as well.

The new Rolex Oyster Perpetual GMT Master II “Pepsi” is a grand mix of aesthetics, technology and Rolex DNA. It recalls the original two-toned 1955 model, but features a dual-color monoblock ceramic bezel that was long thought impossible to create. In fact, bringing this bezel to fruition is complex and expensive. One of the main challenges comes with the heating process. In intense heating and firing, red typically loses its vibrancy. To achieve the intense red hue, Rolex engineers had to reconfigure the molecular structure of the color. Then, via a specially developed and patented manufacturing process, each grain of the chemical composition is locally modified to transition from red into blue on half of the bezel insert. The Rolex Cerachrom bezels were first introduced nearly a decade ago and have the distinction of being virtually scratch resistant, corrosion resistant and sun resistant.

Crafted from a solid block of 18-karat white gold, the watch houses the self-winding Caliber 3186 Superlative Chronometer and offers second time zone function and date display. The COSC-certified chronometer features an oscillator with a blue Parchrom hairspring that is patented by Rolex and built from an alloy of niobium and zirconium that makes it insensitive to magnetic fields. The 40mm watch is water resistant to 330 feet. For a "Pepsi," it sure packs a punch.

TAG Heuer Doesn't Crack Under Pressure

Recently TAG Heuer hosted a couple of very important events that highlight the brand’s commitment to sports. Not only did the brand unveil a new Times Square New York billboard with two recent marathon runners (Michelle DeLucca and Justin Michalski) profiled, but also announced its role as the Official Timekeeper and Timepiece for the New York City Marathon. While these exact events took place in New York City, they underscore TAG Heuer’s national (and even global) commitment to physical fitness.

In fact, TAG Heuer will be timing other sports marathons across America and around the world as part of its new strategy to reaffirm its sports roots and to convey its message “Don’t Crack Under Pressure.” The direction of the brand is to focus on sport watches, chronographs and healthy competition, and the partnerships with marathons extend its motor racing territory to another much-loved ground sport.

“Running a marathon requires great physical strength and even more mental strength, and this is even truer if you want to be one of the gallant marathon 'finishers,'" says Stephane Linder, Global President and CEO of TAG Heuer.

For this top-notch Swiss sports watch brand, the connection to marathon running – wherein men and women of all ages participate – ensures greater visibility for the brand and its cutting-edge chronographs. Stop in to see our selection of TAG Heuer watches.